Why Do People go to bars?

The question we will be answering is why people go to bars?
Is it the expensive 7 dollar drinks? Is it the 15 dollar parking? Or is it to bang that hot slut that the entire town has been smashing? Or is it to meet that asshole who takes all the dames home?
Well I think the real answer here is it’s a “socially acceptable” way to drown out their sorrows. Yes, people go because it’s a social occult like gathering, but hell who wants to be around 100 plus people getting trashed and trying to hit on the same 3 star chicks? I always thought the easier route was chilling at the crib and just having a date night with the left or right hand if you catch my drift, less drama you know? But that would be to simple. People are bombarded with Budlight ads showing all these athletes getting wasted picking up all the girls because they got that mainstream drink in there hand. So, maybe it is easier to pick up a drunk chick and take her to the house for a one night stand, but what is that worth? Is it worth the 100 dollar drink tab and obnoxious girl constantly blowing up your phone when all she was to you is some “pussy” sorry for the vulgarity here but I’m being blunt, if you want the gushy love stuff check out buzzfeed or another feminist blog. For real though do woman really think their going to meet prince charming getting hammered on drinks? I always thought good people were found at University or at the Library. Not saying good people aren’t at bars, but lets face it is paying for 6 dollar drinks a smart investment when you can pick up a decent bottle of Vodka for 12 dollars and be good for awhile? Maybe it’s to bombard their friends snapchat, and other social media sources with the great time their having. If only we got to see the aftermath of the entire shameful evening of them holding their toilet puking their brains out, and cleaning the vomit out of their friends hair. I think that would be a little more realistic. Bars being social? hell I can hardly hear anything with the music and all the obnoxious people talking about some bullshit that will be forgotten the next day. I know blacking out and not knowing what you did the next day is a lot of fun right? Or the throbbing headache from the hangover. But in all seriousness I think it’s a bit ironic and funny.

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