UFC 183 Fight Rigged?

Like many other people around the world I decided to watch the UFC 183 fight, The fight card was solid, and 50$ isn’t to horrible when you’re splitting the check with a couple of friends. To Recap the fights I thought it was odd that in the last three fights there were ZERO take downs. I thought that was a bit odd for a UFC fight. To recap Tyron Woodley fought Kelvin Gastelum in a none action packed fight. There was a lot of backing away, and sizing up the other opponent, which lasted the entire three rounds. Gastelum landed 40 strikes to Woodley’s 34 AND Gastelum had 32 “significant strikes” Woodley’s 27, according to UFC.com. I thought Gastelum was the aggressor most of the fight, as he pushed forward against Woodley. Woodley would continue to back away, and circle around the Octagon until the final bell. They gave the fight to Woodley, in a decision with the score card reading 30-27, 29-28 and 28-29. Sure Gastelum weighed in 10 lbs overweight, but that shouldn’t play much of a factor in the bout since both agreed to fight (even though Gastelum was overweight.)


silva diaz 2

the “BIG” fight that everyone was waiting so anxiously for was Nick Diaz after coming off a two year “lay off” and Anderson Silva whom was coming off a leg injury and a year (lay off). The fight began with a ton of trash talk and not a whole lot of action. I could tell Diaz was getting pissed that the number one fighter wasn’t coming after him, but was rather running from him. Diaz would continue to push forward regardless of Silva’s striking power. The fight stayed off the ground with zero take downs, and only one attempt by Nick Diaz which was unsuccessful. While watching the fight it looked like Silva was afraid of Diaz, he continued to only do counters and not many attacking punches or kicks the entire five rounds. The judges scored the fight 46-49, 45-50 and 45-50 all in favor of Silva. I was surprised at how the scored the fight, because clearly we weren’t watching the same fight. Furthermore I would like to see the UFC implement bonus rounds for close score cards, or a sudden death match to show a “true winner” without the judges decisions. Pride Fighting had unlimited rounds, and wouldn’t end until a TKO or knockout, to prevent the fight from being determined by the judges opinions. It would also prevent the fighters from circling, running away from the fight.


I came to the conclusion that the UFC is just like the WWE, staged. Think about it for a minute. Silva has an entire country (Brazil) backing him and being one of the top fighters and a championship contender he draws a bigger crowd than Diaz would. Since Silva is coming off an injury he’s like the “comeback kid” He’s the golden boy, him being 39 years old, getting close to retirement the UFC wants him to get another title fight against the man who defeated him in UFC 168 for the title belt, Chris Weidman. I think the UFC will more than likely set up another title fight with Silva and Weidman, promote the hell out of the fight (like they usually do) but this time using it as a “feud” kind of like UFC did with Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock years back. If the fight takes place it will draw a massive crowd earning them more cash. As for Diaz he was the “bad guy” in UFC 183, talking a lot of shit, but being able to back it up, kind of like the HEEL in WWE. UFC is using the same methods as WWE and many other sport promotions. You can even compare it with the New England Patriots and the Seahawks super bowl game. New England is the “goat” “the cheaters” since the NFL claims they were deflating balls against the Colts. Regardless this is just some food for thought, something to stimulate the brain.

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