7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With Halo Master Chief Collection

So, many people couldn’t wait to get Halo Master Chief Collection, because it’s Halo, and halo is one of the greatest games Xbox ever released. Little did the public know, Halo Master Chief Collection was released NOT by the original creators at Bungi, but by 343 Industries and because of this Halo has had a plethora of issues.

1. For one A clan from Xbox live known as the “Lizard Squad” Hacked the live systems so, no one could play on Christmas (How does that even happen…. shrugs)

2. Secondly the servers for Halo are very bad, it takes forever to find games and from what I’ve seen the game lags insanely.

3. There is nothing new! You are basically paying 60 dollars for the same crap you played in 2004 on Halo 2.

4. If you don’t like playing with battle riffles don’t play online. When you play ranked matches about 99.9 percent of the time you will be playing a “team BR” game so if you hate battle riffles don’t bother.

5. The campaigns are basically the same, I haven’t played any of them because of that, (why would I want to replay missions I beat years ago?

6. The rankings on live play is weird, You will get teamed up with players who are a level 1 or you could get teamed up with players who are in the 20’s. I’m currently a level 9 so, a 10 level difference is quite significant.

7. It is Halo so it’s worth getting, just not worth paying full price for it so if you can get a good deal at game stop or from a friend get it that way.

This is strictly from my view point and experience. The positive of the game, is it is a good time killer, but if you got high blood pressure, or a problem with patience, I would pass on this one. Stay tuned for more game reviews.


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