Are You Being Suffocated by The Government?

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Doesn’t reality seem like it’s rigged? Don’t you think your hard work is underpaid, and taxed to highly? Well, that’s because it is. Let me scrape the surface of this facade. You, work full time and you make we’ll say 10 dollars. Okay that sounds great right? Wrong, Once you take in account the gas to drive to work, car insurance, apartment payments, health insurance, electric, internet, entertainment and other living necessitates it isn’t much at all. 10.000 times 40 is only 400 a week, After tax they take home roughly 310 or so (depending on your tax jurisdiction. That’s 1,240 a month After apartment fees we’ll say you pay 500 a month that cuts you down to 740, then phone bill, insurance etc. you maybe got 100-150 left over to play with. Your yearly cash made would turn out to be 14,880. Now before you get excited lets determine the cash made after bills. After apartment/rent payments you only have 8,880. If you include the other payments you maybe have 1,200 by the end of the year, (that’s 100 and some change to buy a few snickers a month). If you got college loans and you’re making this kinda cash you might as well as chalk this one up to the 1%, because you will be paying until you enter the coffin. On the bright side, you will get most of your tax money back in April, so you might be able to invest in a few decent stocks and pray to the heavens to get a little luck on your side. That’s from the low side of things. You have to be good with your money and reject going out with friends, and drinking, because the cash flow simply isn’t there. You’re better off investing the few dollars that you have left over instead of spending it on entertainment. you can get entertainment for free on the internet.

I’ll discuss 25k-35k pay in another blog post so, stay tuned.

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