Ferguson Goes Up In Smoke

We got the verdict that officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted, and after that the real games begin! Ferguson basically goes up in smoke as the people of the town burn their own city, and loot stores whom provide jobs for the community.

Do protesters not realize that the owners of these stores are like them, unless of course we are talking about a Walmart etc. but it wasn’t it was just a general alcohol “quick stop” basically. I have to laugh at all the garbage going on. Basically the only way anything will ever change is if you look at who has the most power, and that is the 1% not white people etc. Not all whites make billions of dollars people, whites are not all CEO’s.

Now that I got that point a crossed, 1,000 people aren’t going to change racial issues, nor is 10,000, hell not even a million. Do people really think that people have a chance against someone like Rothschild, JP Morgan, or Rockefeller whom own the earth they walk on? Hell no. Do they have a chance against the people who have billions of dollars whom own the media outlets, own the government and basically pay them to exist? Hell no. If you want to “change” anything you have to start at the source, the 1% but like I said the food will stop hitting the lips when you mess with the 1% not to mention their technology is beyond anyone’s means. With that being said The “crap” taking place in Ferguson and in other cities like Chicago is totally useless and bullshit, have fun rebuilding it with the tax money, or lack of money that these cities have. I imagine they’ll be issuing martial law before long, or sending in care packages to Ferguson, but no really, the burning of your own buildings is basically the dumbest shit I’ve seen people do.

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