Death Culture and Lauren Hill

Now more than ever we are witnessing that the News Media is showing the willingness of people to die. We are being fed this idea that accepting death is honorable. For instance Lauren Hill from the University of Mount Saint Joesph. She’s dying of brain cancer which is terrible and I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, so I asked my friend the long aged question. Why is the death of one person a tragedy and the death of many a statistic? He responded with; “I think they were celebrating her willingness to commit suicide, and that’s why it was nationally recognized. The thousands who are murdered daily don’t want to die, so they are touted as collateral damage. If you want life, you are marginalized. If you covet death, then you are embraced by the death culture.”

death cult

I pondered on his ideals and thought what he said was pretty true, and an interesting perception or way to go about the situation. Some how the people are able to relate to the girl, probably 1/2 people will get cancer (so people know the pain and hardship of treatment) and the fact that she plays basketball. The other theory I have is, this PR from the NCAA’s side of things to promote Women’s basketball considering not many watch or go to the games. Division 1 College Basketball teams only average 1,526 people a game, D2 was at 451 and D3 was at 230 people per game. (These stats are for home games taken from With the amount of publicity Lauren Hill has gotten, Her “last game” had 10,250 in attendance (sold out crowd at the Cintas center) That’s quite the support, and money, to bad the money from the game didn’t go to funding her treatment, since it was her that brought the fans right?

robert anton
Regardless I wanted to make a few points from a different perspective, let that soak in. Of course it’s a great story, but sadly there’s no light at the end of the tunnel here, unless her treatment is successful. “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”

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