University of Cincinnati Season Prediction

The University of Cincinnati should be an interesting team to watch, but I think they will let more people down than they have hoped too. UC began their season with two weeks off, that may have helped them because other teams will be coming in with more injuries, bumps and bruises. The bad part of beginning with two weeks off, is other teams have earned their stripes and are going to be more “ready” so, to speak. They are battle tested. UC won their opener against a cupcake team Toledo. Toledo was small and had a TON of injuries, Like I said earlier this is a key that will help push UC forward at least in the first couple of games. The next game they play Miami Ohio. Miami Ohio is 0-2, but don’t let that fool you! They are a pretty decent team overall and I think they would give UC a run for their money this year especially since their playing for the Victory Bell. Don’t be surprised with a close game. UC is small and their lacking any stellar Defense. However they do have a standout QB in Gunner Kiel.
UC will then go into the meat of their schedule going on the road to take on the big boys OSU and the real Miami U in Florida. I think both of these games will be washouts for UC, they don’t have the caliber to compete with these guys, we are talking 5 star recruits vs 3 stars. UC then goes back to play their cupcake conference schedule where they should more than likely win out, besides Eastern Carolina. Eastern Carolina is a great team whom upset Virginia Tech on the road, so don’t be surprised if they beat UC at Paul Brown this year. Another team to watch will be SMU. UC should beat these guys, But i think UC will over look them and think they got an easy win. They also will be playing on the road, and UC isn’t a great road team. I predict UC will finish 7-5 and go to one of those KFC bowl games you know the typical drill. I’m probably sleep deprived or borderline crazy, but time always tells!

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