Metaphors of Obscurity

In my writing, my goal is to write obscure and use a lot of metaphors and similes. I think using metaphors and similes are a good way to spread knowledge and to keep the writing fresh. Using metaphors from a personal experience or comparing it to a historical experience creates a new brain movement of knowledge especially if  the reader doesn’t  know what the metaphor is and has to really think about it.  It makes the reader look it up and analyze my choice of words, so they know what I’m talking about; otherwise there will be a misunderstanding throughout.  An example of this would be I’m about to move like Jim Jones relocating whole towns. If the reader doesn’t know who Jim Jones is and what he was about, the reader has to look up the metaphor so it makes sense to them. If you know who he is then you realize that I’m moving and am probably moving a lot of stuff.  I also can relate with aesthetic enthusiasm, because I try to depict a world that is not mundane and make it colorful so the writing evolves instead of being stagnant.  I find this also keeps the interest of the reader, as it creates excitement and interest in the writing instead of being dull and boring.

bill hicks

I can see political purpose being used heavily in journalism, especially when it gets closer to election time. The news will try to push whomever they support. A great example of this is Fox news being highly conservative and CNN being liberal. In which case you will get conflicting news reports about similar topics since Fox will speak down on Obama and CNN will often talk him up.  You hear this type of reporting a lot with guys like Alex Jones, as he really makes him think about the government and its purpose.  Historical Impulse is also a great representation of journalism, because it’s a news sources that often talks about past events and compare them with the here and now. I think it’s important to reflect on events so that people are refreshed by what has happened through past events. It gives us a reminder of how to change and better ourselves by learning from our mistakes.

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