5 Things You Didn’t Know About FedEx

As we all know FedEx is a very powerful company and ranks as a fortune 500 company. Most people assume that FedEx is great because of it’s extensive popularity. What outsiders don’t know is how FedEx maintains their position as being a “top” shipper.


5. FedEx is able to create a massive profit because of their fast turn around rates for work. The average person quits after a weeks period. When people quit like this FedEx doesn’t have file them as an employee which means they don’t pay tax on that worker. FedEx also low-balls their employee, they work for peanuts (10.00$ start) if they are a package handler.


4. FedEx isn’t Unionized. If you think or thought Unions were bad you are dead wrong! If you don’t believe me go work at FedEx for a week and you will see why they are so, important to have. With no Union FedEx can do whatever they will “within laws” to the employer. They can create the pay out, and deny sick days, and vacation as they please, a Union will fight for those rights where as with no Union you have to try yourself.

3. FedEx shipping vans are absolutely filthy! FedEx doesn’t own the vans or trucks, they are rented from a company called “First Star Capital” This means that FedEx doesn’t have to abide by health regulations since the company is a private contractor. The company pays the van driver based on how many packages they can fit in their van, and don’t pay to have them clean. In other words why would you clean the van if their not going to pay for it?

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2. FedEx has good benefits, but the catch is you have to work their for six months just to get them! Most people don’t even last that long once they see how brutal and strenuous the work is, with a starting pay of 10$ an hour. The warehouse is very hot especially in summer time.

1. Boxes aren’t treated with respect. Most of the workers are frustrated with how their treated by the mangers or with their crazy expectations. They want loaders to reach a scan rate of 300 boxes per hour. That is pretty insane if you ask me. There’s typically only one loader in a trailer at a time so, you can just imagine how hectic it gets when boxes are just pouring in from the belts. When in the trailer miss scanned boxes are often tossed out of the trailer and are picked up by another worker later on, Some boxes even get ripped open, or get caught in belts. (apart of the process)

Before you hype up the company make sure you understand what goes on the inside.


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